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About Us: is a website that is initiated by socialists to campaign for a No vote.
We will include material from a wide variety of sources – some of which differ from our own stances - as long as they are not promoting racist or right-wing nationalist views.

This site has three editors:

Kieran Allen is the author of the Booklet "The Fiscal Treaty and The Euro Crisis: Reasons to Vote No" and a number of other books, including The Corporate Take Over of Ireland (2007) and The Celtic Tiger: The Myth of Social Partnership (2000)

Sinead Kennedy has written on culture and politics, women and the Celtic Tiger. She is a long standing campaigner against war and for women’s rights.
Martin O’Sullivan ran as a People Before Profit Candidate  in the 2009 local elections.  He has been an active member of the Irish Anti War Movement, and has campaigned against cuts in services for people with disabilities.

Kieran, Sinead and Martin are also members of the Socialist Workers Party

We dont have big business backers, We need your help if we are to win.

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