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Spread the message against the treaty, download the United Left Alliance leaflet.

Today the United Left Alliance  launched its leaflet calling for a NO vote to the Austerity Treaty.

The ULA is calling for a NO vote to defend democracy and to break from the madness of austerity.

we are committing our full resources to defeating the governments plans to force permanent austerity on the Irish people.

The Campaign Against the Austerity Treaty has launched a new leaflet.

'No' vote launch by anti home tax campaign
The Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) today launched its poster and leaflet  for a 'No' vote in the Treaty Referendum.

The Irish political establishment are desperately spinning a new story line – that they were for growth all along and that they welcome the election of Hollande in France.

They claim that Hollande has only demanded an additional item or a protocol to the Fiscal Treaty which would encompass growth.

This is a lie because Hollande explicitly said,  “he will re-negotiate the treaty on budgetary discipline not only for France, but for the whole of Europe,"  during a campaign speech in Paris on Saturday (17 March), adding that the pact focuses on austerity only and does little to spur economic growth.

‘The emphasis on austerity is becoming increasingly unpopular, with opponents saying it creates a self-defeating cycle of economic stagnation leading to lower tax receipts. It has been denounced in large rallies in Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic recently, and has proved to be a losing plank in any recent European election where it was tested.’


People Before Profit Alliance tells Government to stop the bullying and debate the real content of the Treaty
People Before Profit Alliance calls for No to austerity treaty

The United Left Alliance rejects the Austerity Treaty and calls for No vote in referendum

The ULA today rejected the Austerity Treaty as a bankers treaty, in continuity with the bank bailouts already made, and an attack on the living standards of ordinary people and the public services on which we depend. The ULA demands a full public debate on the treaty and will vigorously campaign for a ‘no’ vote in the coming referendum.