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Who we are: is a website that is initiated by socialists to campaign for a No vote.
We will include material from a wide variety of sources – some of which differ from our own stances - as long as they are not promoting racist or right-wing nationalist views.

This site has two editors:

Kieran Allen is the author of the Booklet Reasons to VOTE NO to the Lisbon Treaty and a number of other books, including The Corporate Take Over of Ireland (2007) and The Celtic Tiger: The Myth of Social Partnership (2000)

Sinead Kennedy has written on culture and politics, women and the Celtic Tiger.
She is a long standing campaigner against war and for women’s rights.

Both Kieran & Sinead are also members of the Socialist Workers Party

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Latest 01.10.2009

Ten Reasons to Vote NO

The policies enshrined in Lisbon are the very politics that created this crisis. Across Europe governments are robbing people to pay for bank bail-outs. This is our chance to hit back. Use it so that they get the message that NO means NO. Read More

Latest 30.09.2009
Lisbon Treaty Creates Obstacles to tackling Future Global Economic Crises.

The EU response's to the current global economic crisis has been criticise by many for being extremely weak. While the European Central Bank has poured billions into the banking system, it has only promoted the most minimalist stimulus package. Read more

Latest 30.09.2009
Ducking the Arguments: Spreading Lies

The tactic of the Yes side has been to avoid detailed discussion on the Lisbon Treaty and to focus instead of banal slogans such as staying "at the heart of Europe".Read more

Latest 30.09.2009
How The EU Parliament Really Works

Supporters of the Yes camp claim that the Lisbon Treaty will bring more democracy because it gives new powers to the EU Parliament.

But they rarely explain how this parliament really works.

Unlike virtually any other legislative assembly in the world, the parliamentarians are not allowed to initiate legislation. They cannot, for example, introduce a Private Members Bill which could, be voted into law. Only the unelected EU Commission is allowed to draw up legislation which can be voted on.

Once they do so, a bizarre procedure is put in place. Here Tony Bunyan, of State watch explains how the procedure works. This appeared in the Guardian newspaper in Britain on 3 September 2009. Read More

Latest 23.09.2009

SIPTU Debate on Lisbon, Liberty Hall, Dublin, 25th September 6pm.

Jack O' Connor President of SIPTU
Kieran Allen, President of SIPTU' s Education Branch.

The leadership of the largest union in the country, SIPTU, has come out in favour of a Yes vote in Lisbon - but many of its grassroots members disagree. Rread More

Latest 15.09.2009

No to Lisbon, NO to NAMA, No to Cutbacks

Many people see the NO vote as a way of driving government from office. fully agrees with this sentiment and believes it to be valid on a number of grounds. Read More

Latest 09.09.2009

Big Business free to interfere in Lisbon

Terrified that Irish voters will once again reject the Lisbon Treaty, companies like Intel and Ryanair have begun to openly campaign for a yes vote in the upcoming Lisbon Treaty referendum Read More

Latest 09.09.2009

Download A Rebel's Guide To The Lisbon Treaty Referendum 2009 has produced A Rebel's Guide To The Lisbon Treaty Which can be Downloaded answer all the arguements put forward by the yes side.

Latest 06.09.2009

The SIPTU leadership does not respect democracy

The SIPTU leadership has caved in to Labour Party pressure and has come out for a Yes vote on the Lisbon Treaty. The decision was made without any democratic involvement of the wider membership. However Most of SIPTU members, are likely to vote No. Read More

Latest 05.09.2009

The corporate lobbyist who is running the YES Campaign

The key front man of the Yes campaign is Pat Cox. Yet the Irish media have systematically hidden his role as a major corporate lobbyist. This is in sharp contrast to the way that papers like the Irish Times devoted considerable resources to investigating the unsavoury aspects of Declan Ganley’ arrangements during the last Lisbon referendum. Here prints in full a statement from the Corporate Europe Observatory, a reputable NGO that investigates the links between business and EU decision making. Despite the fact that their was issued in May, none of the Irish media has chosen to investigate the issues involved. Read More

Latest 02.09.2009
TEEU reiterates its opposition to the Lisbon Treaty

The TEEU reiterates its opposition to the Lisbon Treaty, a position unanimously endorsed by our last delegate conference. Our opposition to the first referendum was clearly based on opposition to the policy of the ECJ in interpreting the Treaties and in particular the Posting of Workers Directive in a manner detrimental to the long-term interests of our members Read More .

Latest 29.08.2009

Is Michael O Leary putting €500,000 into an advertising campaign that will call for a YES vote, because he has a little favour to ask of the EU Commission, He wants the right to take full control of the former national airline, Aer Lingus? Read More

Latest 31.08.2009
Why you should still vote no to lisbon despite the assurances the government has given

This article analyses the ‘assurances‘ in the specific area of security and defence that the government is persuading EU leaders to sign up to, ostensibly to allay concerns in Ireland about the Lisbon Treaty.  These ‘assurances’ are, in reality, simply political statements that, in themselves, have no legal status.  They are only legally valid if they confirm or clarify something that is already in the Treaty.  If they contradict the text of the Treaty, they are invalid.  Hence, the Treaty itself is completely unaltered, as are the concerns of those of us who campaigned for a ‘no’ vote last year. Read More

Latest 26.08.2009

The elite forces have carefully prepared for the second referendum and will use a variety of 'civil society' groups to front their campaign. But at the heart of their strategy lies a deep contempt for democracy. In this extended analysis Kieran Allen, one of the editors of offers a detailed critique of the excuses used by the elite for not respecting Ireland's original vote. READ MORE

Latest 25.08.2009
THE LISBON TREATY AND THE ECONOMIC WAR ON WORKERS held a pre-campaign briefing meeting for its activists this weekend. One of the main themes was the economics of the Lisbon Treaty. Read More

Latest 24.08.2009
Business, political elite behind Lisbon 'civil society'

By Mark Walshe

Following their defeat in last year's referendum, Ireland's business and political elite are mounting a much more determined campaign to bully and manipulate the Irish electorate into voting Yes to the Lisbon Treaty. Read more

Latest 30.06.2009
McCreevy Gives the Game Away

Charlie McCreevy has announced that he will be retiring from politics when his term as EU Commissioner ends this October. Maybe that is why he has become so disarmingly honest. Read More

Latest 24.06.2009
We owe it to Europe to vote No to Lisbon rerun
In an article published in The Sunday Business Post Vincent Browne argues that Irish voters owe it to Europe to vote NO to Lisbon in rerun. Read More

Latest 19.06.2009

'The promised EU declaration on Ireland's status in the Lisbon Treaty is merely a form of gift wrapping. 'Not a single word of the actual Treaty will be changed when it is put to a new vote of the Irish people. Read More

Latest 09.06.2009
Why is the European union Building an Army?

The European Union Is building an army, and the Lisbon treaty will help them do this. they call this process "between the eu member states on eu status of forces". In a time of recession we should be spending money on improving peoples living conditions and not on weapons and war. Read More

Latest 10.04.2009
We need a total opt-out from 'EU militarisation

In an article published in The Irish Times ROGER COLE (PANA) argues that the European elite’s desire for wars has created a strong and growing global peace movement. Read More

Latest 26.02.2009
RTE Report

Download Report

RTE Falling at The Feet of Power

RTÉ’s Coverage of the Lisbon Treaty Campaign

The primary finding of this research is that on RTÉ’s leading news programmes from January 1st 2008 to June 14th 2008, 63% of the contributors to news items which focused on the Lisbon Treaty were supporting a Yes vote.

Three television programmes (Six One News, Nine News and Questions & Answers) and three radio programmes (Morning Ireland, News At One and Drivetime News) were analysed over this timeframe via RTÉ’s website. The following is a summary of the report’s main findings: Read More

Archive page
If you want to read previous press statements You can do so on the Archive page - Our Stance

The Lisbon Treaty is the most serious challenge facing anyone who cares about social justice.

The treaty, if passed, will undermine democracy, lead to a greater militarisation and centralise power into the hands of a Euro elite.

The Lisbon Treaty, in its earlier form of the EU Constitution, was already rejected in the summer of 2005 by the people of France and the Netherlands.
However, the European Council and Commission ignored this democratic rejection. In response they fashioned the Lisbon Treaty, which is essentially the same document.

As Bertie Ahern said, "Thankfully, they have not changed the substance… 90 per cent is still there."

Irish voters have been given a unique opportunity to give their opinion on the future of the EU.

We should protest at an undemocratic procedure which has denied the rest of the people of Europe a chance to vote. We should also oppose the treaty in its own right.

  1. The Lisbon Treaty will lock Europe into a straight jacket of neo-liberalism. It makes little provision for a social Europe.
  2. It does nothing to address the lack of democracy in the EU and helps create the basis for an EU super-state.
  3. It gives legal support to EU battle groups and NATO. It also forces countries to increase military spending.

This website will provide material to support these arguments.
Please View the pages above to read more.

French and Dutch voters rejected the EU constitution
with almost the same content in 2005

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