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Who we are: is a website that is initiated by socialists to campaign for a No vote.
We will include material from a wide variety of sources – some of which differ from our own stances - as long as they are not promoting racist or right-wing nationalist views.

This site has two editors:

Kieran Allen is the author of the Booklet Reasons to VOTE NO to the Lisbon Treaty and a number of other books, including The Corporate Take Over of Ireland (2007) and The Celtic Tiger: The Myth of Social Partnership (2000)

Sinead Kennedy has written on culture and politics, women and the Celtic Tiger.
She is a long standing campaigner against war and for women’s rights.

Both Kieran & Sinead are also members of the Socialist Workers Party

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THE LISBON TREATY AND THE ECONOMIC WAR ON WORKERS held a pre-campaign briefing meeting for its activists this weekend. One of the main themes was the economics of the Lisbon Treaty.

The main tactic of the Yes side will be to try to use a 'shock doctrine' effect to scare people into voting for their Treaty. They will claim that if Ireland votes No, it will create Iceland style conditions which will deepen the recession.

This argument is clearly absurd because this is not a referendum on EU membership or EU influence but rather on a specific Treaty. Whether we vote Yes or No our status inside the EU is not affected. Claiming otherwise is simply a device to prevent genuine democratic debate on the content of the treaty.

The reality is that the Lisbon Treaty and before that the failed EU Constitution- was written in an era of neoliberal economics. This form of economics has contributed to the depth of the crisis across Europe.

For example, the Lisbon Treaty maintains a ban on restricting the movement of capital - including between the EU and third countries. This so called freedom - which is really the freedom of the global money merchants - has contributed to the growth of hedge funds. These gambling pools of the wealthy have reeked havoc on economies.

The Lisbon Treaty also continues the restrictions on state aid which might 'distort' the market. This provision has been used to argue against a demand by workers from Waterford Glass for state support to keep their jobs. A similar argument was used against SR Technics workers.

However, when the elite want state aid to prop up the financial system, ways are found to get around these restrictions.

Each and every measure that the Irish government has taken in pumping billions into failed banks has, received permission from the EU Commission.

The effect of the Lisbon Treaty, therefore, will be to continue an unjust arrangement whereby democratic pressures for state intervention can be thwarted - while undemocratic intrigue between the financial and political elites can be facilitated.'

In a new era marked by recession and economic crisis, we need a new Treaty that puts people before profit.

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