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Lisbon Treaty Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Campaign Against the EU Constitution

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Who we are: is a website that is initiated by socialists to campaign for a No vote.
We will include material from a wide variety of sources – some of which differ from our own stances - as long as they are not promoting racist or right-wing nationalist views.

This site has two editors:

Kieran Allen is the author of the Booklet Reasons to VOTE NO to the Lisbon Treaty and a number of other books, including The Corporate Take Over of Ireland (2007) and The Celtic Tiger: The Myth of Social Partnership (2000)

Sinead Kennedy has written on culture and politics, women and the Celtic Tiger.
She is a long standing campaigner against war and for women’s rights.

Both Kieran & Sinead are also members of the Socialist Workers Party

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Lisbon Treaty Locks in Corporate Rule 

Kieran Allen, In his book "the corporate take over of ireland", argues that the Lisbon Treaty contains several clauses which promote a neo-liberal view of economics. Read More Download This document (PDF format) Download This document (Microsoft Word format)

Laval case shows why trade unionists should vote No to Lisbon Treaty. 

A European Court of Justice ruling in the Laval case constitutes a grave threat to trade union rights. It shows why certain clauses in the Lisbon Treaty are objectionable from a union point of view. Read More  

ETUC submission to the EU Parliament Employment Committee

This treaty secures the future for the neo-liberal Europe and further advances the EU’s commitment to a free market economy and the removal of barriers to international trade.
This means the opening up of public services – including health, education, water, public transport – to privatisation.
This treaty means that any governmental commitment to social priorities would immediately come into conflict with a Thatcherite policy of neo-liberalism and privatisation. Read More

The EU Agro Fuel folly Captured by corporate interests

Report by Corporate Europe Observatory on how the EU's much vaunted policy on climate change can serve corporate interests. Read More Download The EU's agrofuel policy captured by corporate interests (Microsoft Word format) Download The EU's agrofuel policy captured by corporate interests (Microsoft Word format)

Thompsons Solicitors' reaction to ECJ decision in the Laval case


A Latvian company, Laval un Partneri, posted several dozen workers to building sites in Sweden, in one instance to re-furbish a school in Vaxholm. Swedish unions took action against the Laval's refusal to sign a collective agreement and to respect Swedish laws on working conditions and minimum wages. The case was eventually referred to the ECJ. 
The court deemed that the union action at the building site was illegal under EU rules on freedom to provide services. Here is the reaction of Thomspson Solicitor's,  one of the leading law firms in Britain which deals with union rights: Read More

For more in-depth analysis, download:
The 'Lock-In' of Corporate Rule
by Kieran Allen

From “constitution” to “reform” or from Bad to Worse
by Susan George

EU Reform Treaty: Unacceptable on account of its method and its content!
by Pierre Khalfa

It is time we stood up to the profit led agenda that is taking public services from democratic accountability in to the hands of the private profiteers

Booklet cover: Reasons to Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty
  • Booklet: 'Reasons to Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty' - Kieran Allen
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