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Lisbon Treaty Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Campaign Against the EU Constitution

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Who we are: is a website that is initiated by socialists to campaign for a No vote.
We will include material from a wide variety of sources – some of which differ from our own stances - as long as they are not promoting racist or right-wing nationalist views.

This site has two editors:

Kieran Allen is the author of the Booklet Reasons to VOTE NO to the Lisbon Treaty and a number of other books, including The Corporate Take Over of Ireland (2007) and The Celtic Tiger: The Myth of Social Partnership (2000)

Sinead Kennedy has written on culture and politics, women and the Celtic Tiger.
She is a long standing campaigner against war and for women’s rights.

Both Kieran & Sinead are also members of the Socialist Workers Party

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Lobbying the European Union by Committee

Unknown to most citizens, a large part of European Union legislation is being drafted and fine-tuned by literally thousands of unknown and hardly accountable expert groups, advisory committees and working groups. Even those who make it their business to keep track of EU decision making processes are finding it impossible to know exactly what's going on and who is involved. This reflects the secrecy that shrouds these bodies, particularly their membership and the decisions they influence. Read More Download The Document pdf format) Download Download document (Microsoft Word format)

How France's referendum caught fire

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former finance minister in Lionel Jospin's 'plural left' government, no doubt spoke for most of the Socialist party leadership when he remarked in January 2005 that, 'This referendum is bloody stupid. We were bloody stupid enough to ask for one and Jacques Chirac was bloody stupid enough to call it'.1 By 29 May, when nearly 55 percent of the electorate voted to reject the new constitutional treaty Read More Download The Document pdf format) Download Download document (Microsoft Word format)

Supporters of the Lisbon Treaty have argued that it is mainly about ‘internal housekeeping’ and involves some ‘tidying up’ of existing institutional arrangements.
Any serious examination, however, shows that this is a gross exaggeration. The Treaty lays the foundation for a Euro super-state of the future.

Already 80 percent of Irish domestic laws are influenced by EU laws and decisions. The Treaty would give greater influence to the EU commission since this is the institution that draws up and implements EU policies. Increased competencies and the removal of powers of veto enhance the ability of the Commission to impose neo-liberal and militarist Policies on the peoples of Europe.

For more in-depth analysis, download:
This is Not What Democracy looks like
by Kieran Allen

The Invisible Transformation of Codecision:
Problems of Democratic Legitimacy

Henry Farrell and Adrienne Heritier


It is time we stood up to the corporate agenda and demand a Europe for the people

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