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VoteNo.ie is a website that is initiated by socialists to campaign for a No vote.
We will include material from a wide variety of sources – some of which differ from our own stances - as long as they are not promoting racist or right-wing nationalist views.

This site has two editors:

Kieran Allen is the author of the Booklet Reasons to VOTE NO to the Lisbon Treaty and a number of other books, including The Corporate Take Over of Ireland (2007) and The Celtic Tiger: The Myth of Social Partnership (2000)

Sinead Kennedy has written on culture and politics, women and the Celtic Tiger.
She is a long standing campaigner against war and for women’s rights.

Both Kieran & Sinead are also members of the Socialist Workers Party

You can contact the editors on:

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Latest 10.12.2008
New report on 'The Strategic Game to Undermine the Irish Vote on Lisbon'

A new report by UCD Sociologist Kieran Allen analyzes the various arguments that have been advanced in recent weeks to promote a repeat vote. These include:

* A claim that the Irish people are less informed on the EU than most other countries and therefore voted NO from a lack of understanding.

* A claim that Ireland will face economic ruin if it maintains its No position.

* A claim that the vote must be reversed because Ireland needs EU backing to overcome the recession.
In a statement, Kieran Allen said,

"The arguments advanced by the Yes campaign start from a technocratic elitist position. They assume that European specialists know best and that their opponents suffer a form of ignorance. It is sad to see such a profound contempt for democracy.

"Experts who know more about the complexities of European decision-making have no right to claim that the Irish people must keep on voting until they get the right answer.

"The Irish government has equally no right to discard the popular mandate they were given to press for the scrapping of the Lisbon Treaty. To conceal this disdain for democracy, spurious arguments are being re-cycled through elite think tanks and institutions.

"Contrary to these claims, there is no solid evidence to suggest that NO voters were more ignorant of the EU than Yes voters. A claim made by an ESRI Professor that Ireland was forced to give a guarantee to foreign banks as well as Irish banks is factually wrong. The pressure to do so came from competition laws enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty. Nor is there any evidence that foreign investment has declined inIreland because of the Lisbon Treaty.

We predict that it will be more directly affected by changes in US tax laws and by the current global recession. Far from offering protection against the recession, the neo-liberal policies that are enshrined in the Lisbon treaty have become a major obstacle. Read More

Latest 06.08.2008

Anyone watching the coverage of President Sarkozy's visit could not fail to notice his sheer brazen arrogance.. Here was a guy who, only the previous week, had stated that the Irish must vote again. That this is not what happened in his own country, after the failed 2005 referendum on the then Constitutional Treaty, seems to have slipped his mind. Read More

Latest 12.06.2008
A Blow against a Corporate Europe

Today's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is a victory for everyone who opposes a Europe dominated by big business. It is also a victory for everyone who opposes the new militarism that is creeping over Europe. Many of the 490 million people in Europe who were deprived of their right to vote on this Treaty will be also delighted. In rejecting Lisbon. Irish voters have struck a blow for democracy and demonstrated their solidarity with their fellow Europeans. Read More

Help us Get a No Vote in your area

We will be out leafleting for the last few days of the campaign. To find out where you can help out in your area, Read More

Latest 08.06.2008

Ann Crotty has travelled back from South Africa to campaign for a No vote. It is thanks to her father, Raymond Crotty, that the Irish were the only people in Europe who were given a vote on the Lisbon Treaty. His Supreme Court case forced the Irish political establishment to holding referenda on major EU treaties. Here Ann Crotty outlines her impressions of the campaign. Read More

Latest 08.06.2008
Why Workers Are Voting No

The last Irish Times/ MRBI poll on the Lisbon Treaty showed that the debate has fractured on the lines of social class. Read More

Latest 06.06.2008
European Central Bank to raise interest rates

The European Central Bank has just announced that it is considering raising interest rates at its next meeting. This raises further questions about the details of what is contained in the Lisbon Treaty. Read More

Latest 04.06.2008
There Is NO Irish Veto on Global Agricultural Trade Deals (Barry Finnegan)

During the current Lisbon referendum campaign, numerous politicians, business and think-tank leaders and spokespersons have repeatedly asserted that EU Member States, including Ireland, have a veto on whether or not the EU signs up to a WTO free-trade deal on agricultural goods. Barry Finnegan, from the CAEUC group has shown, definitely, how this is not true. Read more

Latest 04.06.2008
Don't be bullied - Vote No

One of the major arguments on the Yes side is that the Lisbon Treaty is all about making the EU more democratic. Yet the Irish are the only people in Europe who get to vote on the Lisbon Treaty. Opinion polls across all 27 Member States show that between 60 and 70 percent of EU citizens want a Referendum on this Treaty. They are being systematically denied this right for one reason, EU leaders fear people will not vote the way they are told. Read More

Latest 03.06.2008
SIPTU Should Shift from Maybe To NO

Eamon Gilmore's attack on SIPTU for raising 'sectional' concerns on the Lisbon Treaty reflects a growing frustration in the Yes camp. Gilmore was furious at SIPTU's failure to support the treaty but his attack reveal more about where he intends to take Labour. Read More

Latest 27.05.2008
End Corporate Interference in Irish Politics

A report in the Irish Times that the Yes campaign will be spending in the region of €2.3 million during the Lisbon Treaty Referendum raises important questions about the level of corporate interference in Irish democracy Read More

Latest 26.05.2008
EU Charter Sanctions The Right to Be Executed in Time of War

Much has been made by Yes supporters of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and it is claimed that this is such a progressive document that it out-weights other provisions of the Treaty which will introduce more privatisation and militarization. Read More

Latest 21.05.2008
Trade Union Leaders comments on Lisbon are Misleading

VoteNo.ie rejects recent claims by Trade Union leader, Blair Horan (General Secretary of the CPSU) that the Lisbon treaty will protect the values of social Europe. Read More

Latest 16.05.2008
Make Sure SIPTU does not join IBEC in calling for a Yes Vote.

The largest union in the country is calling an information meeting on the Lisbon Treaty. Unfortunately, the information will be somewhat one sided . The only advertised guest speaker at the Dublin meeting is Martin Territt, Director of the European Commission in Ireland. Read More

Latest 15.05.2008
EU Diplomatic Service planned after Irish vote.

The EU is planning to set up a diplomatic service with missions in 125 countries after the Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty. An EU Summit in Brussels, which will be held a week after the Irish referendum, will provide more details on the plans. Read More

Latest 13.05.2008
IBEC's Submission to the National Forum on Europe Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag on Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Reform Treaty creates the legal basis for the liberalisation of services of general economic interest (Art. 106). A yes vote for the Lisbon Treaty creates the potential for increased opportunities for Irish business particularly in areas subject to increasing liberalisation such as Health, Education, Transport, Energy and the Environment. Read more

Latest 06.05.2008
Country's largest craft union urges 45,000 members to vote No

The national executive of the Technical Engineering and Electrical Union is advising members to vote 'No' in the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. General Secretary Designate Eamon Devoy says, "The TEEU favours a social Europe but unfortunately recent key judgements by the European Court of Justice show that the pendulum has swung against workers' rights and in favour of big business. In the circumstances it would be foolish to provide the institutions of the European Union with more power." Read More

Latest 28.04.2008

A Sunday Business Post poll has shown that the No side in the Lisbon Treaty debate are on course for victory. If campaigning intensifies in the coming seven weeks, the political establishment will receive their greatest political defeat. Read More

Latest 17.04.2008
VoteNo.ie Reveals Leaked document from EU leaders

A copy of a letter sent by Jo Leiman MEP and Chair of Committee on Constitutional Affairs has been given to VoteNo.ie Read More Download The Document pdf format)

Latest 9.04.2008
The Yes camp are dodging details

Kieran Allen, one of the editors of the Voteno.ie appeared before a Dail Committee of Yes supporting TDs and Senators and accused them of evading discussion on the details of the Lisbon Treaty and of trying to "frighten and bore" people into voting yes. Read More

Latest 9.04.2008
Harry van Bommel speech

Harry van Bommel Dutch MP (Socialist Party) delivered this speech at meetings organised by People before Profit in Dublin, Cork and Tralee, March 4-6 2008 Read More

Latest 7.04.2008
European Court of Justice delivers another blow to Union rights.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has delivered yet another ruling attacking trade union rights and collective bargaining agreements. Read More

Latest 7.04.2008
Lisbon Treaty Would "Deprive Nations of Veto Right"

In an interview with Intelligence Review (EIR) Harry Van Bommel Describes how the Lisbon treaty will have negative effects for democracy in Europe. Read more

Latest 7.04.2008

EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy attacks minimum wages

Special report from David Cronin, a Brussels based Irish journalist, on McCreevy's attack on minimum wage policies This article originally appeared on the Guardian website. Read More

Latest 24.03.2008

The Lisbon treaty and Health care

On 5th September 2006, the EU Health Commissioner, Markos Kyprianou, was reported as saying that the European Commission is going to promote greater privatisation of health. Read More

Latest 22.03.2008

Climate Change: The latest opportunity to militarise Europe.  

A new report, Climate Change and International Security, written by Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy supremo and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the commissioner for external relations suggests that the EU will be involved in future resource wars Read More . 

Latest 18.03.2008

EU expenses scandal

The members of the European Parliament who voted against accepting the outcome of The Irish referendum have something else to be ashamed of. Many of them are embroiled in an expenses scandal Read More .

Latest 18.03.2008

A German court has ruled that a measure to stop a race to the bottom in postal services comes was illegal. It represents another threat to the wages and conditions of postal workers. Read More  

Latest 18.03.2008

EU expenses scandal

The members of the European Parliament who voted against accepting the outcome of The Irish referendum have something else to be ashamed of. Many of them are embroiled in an expenses scandal Read More .

Latest 18.03.2008

A German court has ruled that a measure to stop a race to the bottom in postal services comes was illegal. It represents another threat to the wages and conditions of postal workers. Read More  

Latest 12.03.2008
United Ireland Interview with Editor of Voteno.ie 

The following e mail interview was conducted with one of the editors of Voteno.ie , Kieran Allen for the United Irelander blog. It outlines why we are opposing the Lisbon Treaty from a left wing viewpoint and makes some other connections with Left-Right politics in Ireland. Read More

Latest 28.02.2008
Laval Case Raises Concerns About Social Dumping 

Following a debate in the EU Parliament's employment committee, concerns are growing about the Laval case. They suggest that the case could turn many trade unionists against the Lisbon Treaty. One union, UNITE, has already called for a No vote and a vigorous debate is now set to occur in other unions. Read More

Latest 25.02.2008
EU Parliament shows Contempt for Irish Democracy 

The EU Parliament showed a staggering contempt for democracy when 449 MEPs voted against an amendment to accept the outcome of Ireland's decision on the Lisbon Treaty. Read More

Latest 21.02.2008
Irish Leaders adopt increasing desperate tactics in effort to win Lisbon  

It seems that government anxiety levels are on the rise. And it is not only the Mahon tribunal that has Fianna Fail worried, but it seems there is increasing alarm that the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty may not be the slam-dunk they were hoping for. Read More

Latest 11.02.2008

Bio Fuel Fiasco exposes EU Commission hypocrisy on climate change  

Will the Lisbon Treaty help tackle climate change?  The treaty, only contains an aspiration to 'combat climate change'. The real direction of current EU policy has been starkly revealed in the fiasco over bio fuels. Read More  

Latest 04.02.2008
Postal Directive will hurt workers and consumers  

A vote in the EU Parliament has paved the way for unbridled competition in the postal service. It will have a negative effect on workers and consumers and is a further indication of how the EU is pushing privatisation. Read More  

Latest 04.02.2008

The dangers posed by the provision in the Lisbon Treaty to create a new EU Foreign Minister was illustrated by the way Franco Frattini, an EU Commission Vice President gave full backing to Israel' s illegal blockade of Gaza. Read More  

Latest 19.01.2008
No Welcome for Jean-Marie le Pen   

The VoteNo.ie website condemns the decision by the UCD Law Society to invite French Fascist, Jean Marie Le Pen, to Ireland to debate the Lisbon Treaty.   Read More

Latest 15.01.2008
EU brings water charges to Schools

The debacle over water charges for schools encapsulates why we should Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty. Read More

Latest 15.01.2008
European Court of Justice Attacks Union Rights

The recent Laval judgement of the ECJ represents an important attack on union rights. Read More

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